Monday, May 26, 2008

The Power of PR

Public Relations, or PR, consists of two elements: having the media write stories about you, and having your by-lined articles printed by another media source. While PR doesn't necessarily (though it can) make your phone ring off the hook with orders/sales, it does have several significant benefits, namely:

* It gives you/your company greater credibility. By appearing in a "third-party's" magazine, newspaper, blog, etc., others get to talk about you... not you talking about you.

* You can use the articles in your marketing and customer communication efforts. For example, you can post links on your web site, mail copies of the article to clients, include mentions in your blogs and newsletters, and so on.

* It can lead to other media opportunities in larger publications. In other words, start small. Begin with your local newspaper, then seek out regional magazines, then attempt to reach national publications. Over time, with a "portfolio" of articles, you'll be positioned as someone who focuses on the local, yet has nationwide reach/importance.

Congratulations to Nord Vineyards, who via a press release landed a positive article about the company complete with a pic of Nord manager Jon Kanagy (see right) on today's front page of the Napa Valley Register. Well done!