Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Virtual Marketing Program

Professionals Have Coaches

My name is Tim Polk, of Tim Polk Communications (TPC). For the past 15+ years I have been helping business owners and sales professionals launch or grow their business. To date, all of my client interactions have been face-to-face. Now, though, in 2010 I am launching a new Virtual Marketing Program (VMP). Through VMP, you can receive monthly marketing and sales coaching, guidance, and brainstorming, and direction easily and at an affordable price.

What You Receive
When you commit to VMP, each month you will receive:

* Two (2) telecoaching sessions led by myself. We'll cover the key topics necessary to grow your business, discuss your specific needs, goals, challenges and opportunities, and you'll receive my expert feedback, guidance, and support.

* Two (2) Marketing Action Plans (MAPs) sent to you via email which correspond to each telecoaching call.

* Access to me via email throughout the month for questions, review and feedback, and so on.

* Access to my network of professional marketing service providers.

Benefits to You
By having myself as your "Virtual Director of Marketing," you will receive focused guidance from a seasoned sales and marketing professional, leading to a greater ability to attract more prospects, achieve higher sales, and grow your business. I also am a great resource to brainstorm new ideas with, and will help provide "teammate" accountability to help ensure that you follow through as needed.

VMP Costs
VMP has a monthly cost of $150 per person. For a limited time, you can sign up for only $75 per month. For those who will commit to three-month increments, you will save even more, as the three-month fee will be only $199. Want to commit to a full year? Only $699--just $58 per month.

Take Action Now
To enroll in the Virtual Marketing Program, simply:
1. Mail a check payable to "Tim Polk" to: Tim Polk, 2436 Quail Hollow Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. (Be sure to provide me with your name, telephone number, and email address.)

2. Send an email to tpcresults@gmail.com, and I will contact you.

3. Register online using a credit card or PayPal account via secured transmission by clicking here.

Professionals Have Coaches. Make your 2010 a stellar one by joining the Virtual Marketing Program (VMP) today!

Thinking About 2010

Yes, the holidays are here, which means time for family, fun, and relaxing. But this time of year also excites me business-wises, as it’s a fun, creative time for planning for the new year ahead, too.

I’m particularly excited about 2010 after having recently completed a three-day seminar with wonder-trainer Doug Nelson, of Peak Potentials. Doug shared some amazing insights on personal missions, entrepreneurship, financial freedom, and much more. (I have it on the skinny that he is working on a book—more details to follow soon.) Here are a few of Doug’s insights that I found particularly energizing, and which I want to share with you:

Everything is one thing—energy. Do you want more sales? More revenue? A better business? Expend more energy on marketing-related things. How? Begin by creating a written marketing plan with goals, time lines, and tactics. Then create daily—and I do mean daily—marketing-related activities (even something as simple as scheduling a lunch with another professional to discuss each other’s business).

To achieve new heights, get uncomfortable. Our mind wants to keep us safe, i.e., in our comfort zone. We must continually push to move beyond our comfort zone to continue growing and thriving. What would be a risky move for you in 2010? DO IT!

How you do anything is how you do everything. What is marketing? EVERYTHING. How you answer the phone. How you schedule lunch meetings with clients or colleagues. How your email signature looks, and the information it contains. And so on. Look at every interaction as a form of marketing yourself or your business. I know this can make many uncomfortable; just remember, if you are providing a valuable service, at a fair price, why not make this known to people with problems, looking for solutions?

The first 10 people who send me an email at
tpcresults@gmail.com with “2010 Marketing Jump-Start” in the subject line, I will spend 30 minutes on the phone at no charge helping you craft your 2010 marketing plan.

To success!