Thursday, February 7, 2008

Savvy Marketer: Power of Blogs

Almost every business needs, in my opinion, a Web site to help the business grow. Many businesses I believe also could utilize a blog--such as this one!--as a key marketing component.

Here's why. Web sites are great, but they also simply provide information. There isn't much interaction possible with visitors. (This 'generation' of Internet usage is called Web 1.0.) For Web 2.0, however, interaction with visitors is critical. A blog is a great way to facilitate this interaction with your customers and prospects, as people can post comments or questions, which you can respond to.

Blogs also have these other advantages:

1. They can be updated quickly and easily, which make them ideal for specials, announcements, etc.

2. Key "search engine optimization" terms can be used, assisting with your Google search engine ranking.

3. They're fun, and I believe fun is a critical element to almost every business.

Take some time to consider creating a blog for your business. Yes, it will take time to build it, and there will be a learning curve. But once you have it established, a blog can become an essential part of your marketing program.
Blog Examples:


Jean said...

How often should a person update their blog?

BizResults said...

Hi Jean,

It depends a bit on your biz. I recommend at least once a week, and ideally 2 or even 3 times. People who like blogs like blogs, and more frequent posts get them in the habit of returning frequently (a good thing!). Remember, your posts can be short and long as they have SOME value.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim! Congrats on the new blog. I want to do one. What's a first step? Patrick Snow

Adrienne said...

Hi Tim,
Can you make some suggestions on how to grow the reader following of my blog?


BizResults said...

Hey Patrick. A first step is to really plan out what you plan to say to your clients and prospects: what tips you can share, what info, etc. Next, you have to create a blog using one of the blogger tools. Again, this is something you can do yourself...or via a professional like me. Let me know if you need some help with this.

BizResults said...

Hi Adrienne. Thanks for stopping by. There are several ways to grow blog traffic. One is for you to comment on like-subject blogs (as people will click on your profile). Another is to ask friends and business colleagues to send a note to their databases abour your blog. Again, most people will do this because viewing a blog is FREEEEEEEE. Third, I would send an email blast to your database inviting them to visit. (If you don't have an email database, then you need to begin one!) As you know, I've always loved your blog; let me know what I can do to help you grow viewers.