Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Becoming an Expert

During my recent Virtual Marketing Program (Professionals Need Coaches) group phone call, I led a discussion on how to create the most effective solution for your clients. To create great solutions for clients, you need great information from them regarding their specific needs. To receive this information, you must first build trust and rapport. How do you do this? By building your reputation as an expert. Once you become the expert, clients will place greater value on your time, your insights, and, most importantly, the value of your services (i.e., solutions).

One way to become an expert is to act like an expert. How? By asking lots of questions and then listening intently to the answers. Once the prospective client sees that you truly care about their business, they will be more open. When they are more open, you are better able to identify and understand their specific needs.

Are you asking enough questions of your clients/prospects? Who talks more: the prospect, or...you?

To care more, ask...and then listen more!