Thursday, March 10, 2011

One New Idea

Here's one idea from Tim Polk Communications to help jump-start your marketing efforts:

People Still Read (Really?) Newspapers

Yes, they do. For local marketing efforts, don't neglect the power of your local newspaper. With staff and budget cuts, and the addition of online blogs, newspapers and reporters are LOOKING FOR CONTENT. This is particularly true for restaurants, as most papers have a food and wine section. One of my clients recently ran a week-long special, and tracked (via a customer survey) where people heard about the special. A few said our radio ads, a few were regulars...but the vast majority of customers said that they saw the short (three paragraph) note in the local newspaper's Food & Wine section.

To get short notices -- or, perhaps, an actual article -- in your local newspaper, consider the following:
1. Send short, concise, fact-based information in an email.

2. Send the email to a specific person (most newspapers and blogs now list email addresses, either in the paper itself or on their web site).

3. Include your information in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment (too many concerns about viruses, causes extra steps, etc.).

4. Send information regularly.

5. Don't take it personally if a mention about your news-worthy event did not make the paper; keep sending news notes.

Good luck with your PR efforts!

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