Monday, July 20, 2009

Facebook is for Real, Folks

I specialize in communicating with customers, and soon-to-be customers. For some reason, I had been reluctant to jump on the Facebook bandwagon in terms of recommending this to my clients (for a variety of reasons). Now, though, I’m convinced—Facebook is for real, folks.

It can be a powerful tool for the vast majority of businesses. It is particularly powerful, in my opinion, for restaurants, wineries, and businesses with a social aspect to them. I am aggressively recommending, and helping build, fun, upbeat Facebook pages for my clients, and managing them.

Managing your Facebook page becomes the key. I have developed four “golden rules” to follow in terms of how often, and what, to discuss. For more information about this, contact me.

Your business might not become as popular as Starbucks – it has, as of this writing, 3,605,413 friends – but created properly, and then run effectively, a Facebook page will help you build stronger bonds with customers, and generate new customers.

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